Buy venom online: When venomous doesn’t mean useless

For some amphibians, reptiles, and arachnids, venom is the only protection from predators. Their bites are extremely dangerous – and sometimes deadly – so it’s hard to imagine why humans would want to use their poisons. The irony is that what can cause untold harm can save you from pain and help treat many health conditions. That’s why we offer this range of poisons at Med Engages so that medical specialists can buy venom online with ease.

These venoms are collected with no harm to the species and for research only. Med Engages ensures the highest quality of every toxic substance in this range and encourages proper use within medical and laboratory settings.

Look no further to buy snake venom

It’s no secret snake venom isn’t only about muscular paralysis and a series of agony-like sensations. From a medical research standpoint, it’s a rich source of neurotoxic substances, nerve growth factors, proteins, and enzymes. Also, snake venom is highly selective, which, along with the specificity of its cofactors, increases its value for certain medications.

Here you can find safely extracted black mamba, bush viper, jararaca pit viper, shield-nosed snake, and other venoms. They will allow you to tap into their enzyme-rich potential for:

  • blood clot prevention
  • joint inflammation reduction
  • targeting tumor cells in certain cancer types
  • treatment of heart attacks and strokes

One of our best-sellers, black mamba venom, can be used for patients taking morphine to get through their pain. The salivary glands of this species produce proteins that have exceptional analgesic effects. Therefore, if you’re investigating new pain treatment opportunities, you can buy this snake poison online at Med Engages. Its pain-killing effects are similar to those of morphine but have no risk of developing into opiate addiction.

Scorpion venom for sale

Some arachnids are ready to make a scientific contribution to your research, too. And Med Engages can help you explore the properties of their poisons by selling scorpion venom.

Scorpion venom is filled with peptides that can drive change in today’s medicine. They blend antiviral, cancer-fighting, and other substances that may soon be widely used to:

  • stop cancerous cells from spreading
  • treat cardiovascular conditions, including coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis
  • cure immunity-related disorders
  • induce controlled anesthesia

We’ve got the hardest-to-find scorpion venoms here. You can even opt for poison collected from species that can never be found in your area.

Frog and toad venoms

Shop for frog poison and toad venom extracted from common and exotic amphibian species. They have many clinical uses in Asia, and your research can help make them as widespread in the Western world.

Using frog and toad venoms, you can advance the knowledge of their anticancer, pain-killing, and antiviral properties and what value they bring to healthcare providers and patients. Most of these effects are tied to 5-MeO-DMT, which can also be helpful for anxiety and depression treatments.

Select your options at Med Engages to buy toad venom online, plus snake and scorpion poisons!

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